Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain
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Our eyes were not made for hours on end of screen work.

Digital Eye Strain (DES) also known as Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that began fifteen years ago and is an ever evolving problem as we introduce more devices into our work, school and entertainment life. Not only are we inventing more devices, the software is becoming so high tech that we are able to choose to do a wide variety of daily routines on our screens replacing previously face to face activities, like grocery shopping, banking and making appointments online.

How To Eliminate Digital Eye Strain

The symptoms of DES range from mild to severe and optometrists, through comprehensive testing with simple and high-tech equipment can unravel the underlying causes of the symptoms and help find a cure. Our optometrists have had much firsthand experience with computer users as workers in the CBD are usually the first to update screens and introduce new ergonomic designs to the workplace, like stand up desks, multiple screen usage, curved and large monitors (over 24”), hot desking and frequently moving offices with different lighting. Covid -19 in 2020 saw CBD workers as the largest cohort of working from home (WFH) screen users. All new ergonomic set ups create a different visual demand and can unbalance the delicate muscular co-ordination between the right and left eyes causing DES. Our optometrists worked hard to help patients WFH find a balance between WFH and reducing eye pain from working 10 hours or more on screens.

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Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Symptoms of DES only present themselves when using a digital device so it’s very easy to understand if the discomfort or blur is in fact due to screen based use or other systemic causes.

Common complaints with users are:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry Vision
  • Glare
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry Eye
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Blur when looking away from the screen which clears up eventually

Less commonly reported complaints but very important are:

  • Double Vision
  • Eye pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pressure in eyes
  • Sleepiness
  • General Fatigue
  • Peripheral Vision Blind spots
  • Floor appears to slop
  • Loss of Depth Perception

If you or a colleague experience any of theses then make an appointment to see one of our qualified Optometrists now.

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A Tip To Avoid Eye Strain Is The 20/20/20 Rule

Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look 20 metres away

The number one secret to having clear and comfortable vision for prolonged screen use is…………HAVE AN EYE EXAM!

Lifestyle Optical Bulk Bills these exams so there is no reason for the whole family not to visit us as this condition affects people as young as toddlers, who use devices for entertainment up to the elderly who want to comfortably read the newspaper on an iPad.

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