Chopard Glasses Sydney

Chopard is a leading name in the world of high-end jewellery and watches, combining technological innovation with fine manufacturing and superior materials. Now, you can add this bold luxury brand to your repertoire in the form of Chopard eyewear.

Chopard is where iconic frames and the perfect lenses come together in harmony. Discover stylish prescription glasses and statement sunglasses in the Chopard range.

Lifestyle Optical is the home of Chopard glasses in Sydney. Visit your nearest Premium Eye Care Centre to complete your look and correct your vision.

    Brand Values

    The story of the Chopard brand begins in a small workshop in 1860, where Louis Ulysse Chopard first began perfecting his craft. Before long, Chopard became a household name across Scandinavia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, known for its premium watches.

    Many years may have passed, but a watchmaker never fears the passage of time. Today, Chopard remains committed to independence, quality, excellence, creativity, heritage, respect, and audacity. These values are reflected across each of the company’s luxury product lines, none more so than Chopard eyewear.

  • Established <br> in 2000
    in 2000
  • Warranty on Frames <br> & Lenses
    Warranty on Frames
    & Lenses
  • Australian Owned <br> & Operated
    Australian Owned
    & Operated
  • Wide-ranging <br> Selection