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Did you know that Digital Eyestrain could be the cause of your symptoms?
“Did you know that Digital Eyestrain could be the cause of your symptoms?”

By now everyone is truly well into their 2020 routine and the digital workloads are established.
For some the load has remained the same and for others it has increased. Already my daughter in
Year 11 has asked for an eye exam as her extra study is causing tired, sore and blurry eyes.
As we move through life more and more digitally connected, some eyestrain problems are obvious, and others are not so apparent.

Postural problems for example are caused by blurry vision or incorrect prescriptions. The neck,
shoulders, head and spine position themselves to give the clearest vision. Sometimes people spend
hours unconsciously bent forward looking at a screen. So when muscle pain creeps in at the end of
the day it has been caused by an unbalanced visual system not a weak muscle/ skeletal system.

General fatigue, especially at the end of the day is another sign that the visual system needs help.
People rush to see their GP for all sorts of tests which eventually show a perfectly healthy human
being but the fatigue continues and its cause is a mystery. Vision is the dominant sense and an
imbalance causes the body to slow down and feel tired so, reducing productivity and enjoyment of

Headaches are rarely associated with eyestrain because there are so many other causes . Some
signs that the headache is caused by prolonged use of digital devices is the location of the headache.
Tension headaches usually cause pain behind the eyes and a feeling of pressure around the
forehead. Also a tension headache can cause tenderness around the scalp and the pain can extend to the neck.

No matter what you are experiencing, if you use screens, young or old, GET AN EYE TEST!!
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