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Time To Stop Avoidable Blindness In Diabetes
“Time To Stop Avoidable Blindness In Diabetes”

In Australia 1.7 million people suffer with Diabetes. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness in working age people.  While it’s causes include genetic or lifestyle choices or a combination of both, loss of vision is a side effect of diabetic complications and can be avoided. Diabetic eye disease can occur at any age after thirteen. The changes and complications that erupt in the blood vessels can leave you with non- reversible vision loss whether you are twenty five or eighty five. Also, the longer you have been living with diabetes the greater the risk of blindness. Hence taking care of yourself is essential to maintain healthy vision.

Keep reading as we highlight 5 tips for good eye health for diabetic patients to live a worry free life from possible blindness.

Just so we know what we’re dealing with, let’s visualize the effect of this avoidable blindness.

On the left, you can see how a normal person would view this image, but on the right the blood vessels of the eye have been damaged as a result of diabetes, hence, the image is distorted and patchy. It’s tragic, but this scenario can be avoided in the following ways:

  1. Try to control blood glucose levels: As a diabetic patient, having high/low blood sugar levels can be deadly, however it can also lead to this blindness. The first step to freedom would be to balance the glucose levels in the bloodstream.
  2. Exercise Regularly: Exercise is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with diabetes. It burns off the excess sugar and generates enough internal heat to stimulate certain antibodies.
  3. Weight control: Effective weight management and control will eliminate the chances of diabetic blindness.
  4. Control of blood pressure and cholesterol: Increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels increases the chances of the diabetic complications.
  5. Visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist regularly: Even if all seems fine, do visit your eye doctor for a dilated eye exam just to be safe at least every two years.

With a staggering half a million people with UNDIAGONISED  DIABETES in Australia our optometrists automatically screen for diabetic eye disease in every comprehensive eye exam and are linked to diabetic eye specialists in case of emergencies.

Help make diabetic blindness a thing of the past.

Make an eye appointment now https://www.lifestyleoptical.com.au

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