Contact Lenses, Everything You Need To Know
“Contact Lenses, Everything You Need To Know”

Everything you need to know about Contact Lenses.

What are they?

Contact lenses are soft small disc shaped plastic devices worn “in contact” with the eye to correct vision.  They are about 14mm in diameter and sit stable on the eyes.  They can be used to correct shortsightedness, longsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia and are suitable from the age of 12 years to well into old age.  They are used as an alternative to glasses and most people have both, deciding which option to wear on a daily basis.

How do they work?

Contact lenses float on the tear film layer on the surface of the cornea and are cleaned by the blinking action of the lids.  Since the lenses stick to the tear fluid on your eye surface, they move naturally with you.

How do I get them?

It starts with a call to our practice to book in with an Optometrist.  We will find the correct fitting lens for you with the best vision possible.  We teach you how to insert and remove them from your eyes and how best to look after your eyes while wearing them.

Why wear them?

Contact lenses offer different vision to glasses.  No frame means extra peripheral vision making them suitable for sports.  No frame means you can wear safety goggles, and the big bonus…regular sunglasses!  Contacts are great for the gym during high or low impact sessions as they won’t bounce around your face, fog or bend out of shape during those inverted yoga poses.

Ladies love how their make-up is more visible when wearing contacts, making special occassions even more special and boosting confidence.  And…contacts can be used to change the colour of your eyes.

Some people have tried contacts before but stopped.  Our Optometrists have heard it all.  Here are some of the reasons people have discontinued contact lens wear; dry eye, blurry vision, turned fourty and could no longer read through them, were told their eyes weren’t suitable for contact lenses, struggled with putting them on and taking them out.  None of this is true!

COVID has given our Optometrists time to learn more about new lens technologies for comfortable clear vision and with spring upon us, they are eager to get you started again.

Until 31st December 2020, Lifestyle Optical is giving everyone trying contacts, a month’s free daily lenses.

Let’s brighten your world this year with contact lenses!

Call now for a contact lens fitting.  Fitting fees may apply

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