Contact lenses have come a long since they first began.  Thanks to modern technology, most spectacle wearers are now able to be fitted with contact lenses and will successfully wear them regularly.  Contact lenses are worn for various reasons.  They may give better vision for some visual conditions, but are most commonly worn when the wearer requires a wider field field of vision for instances such as sport.  They also will not ‘fog-up’ with temperature changes, and are unaffected by rain.  Not all spectacle wearers however will be suited to contact lenses.  Your suitability is best determined by speaking with our Optometrists and having a contact lens consultation where factors such as your lifestyle requirements, corneal size and shape and pupil size will need to be considered.

Existing contact lens wearer?

Modern contact lenses are made of new materials that make them more comfortable to wear. They are made of new materials that stay cleaner longer and are generally more comfortable thus enhancing your wearing experience to let you do more of what you like to do. Let us show you what is new in the world of contact lenses.

Considering contact lenses?

Interested in contact lenses but unsure of where to start. We can discuss with you the various contact lens options available to you. If you come in for a consultation we can assess your eyes and tell you about your suitability for the various contact lens options available.