Eye Tests Sydney CBD

An eye examination is not just for those who wear glasses or contact lenses. A general eye examination can help us to detect eye diseases so important treatment can begin. Other health problems like diabetes can also show up in the eye before the body is affected.

If you are a spectacle or contact lens wearer, a regular eye check is necessary to monitor the health of the eye and discuss any changes you may be experiencing with your optometrist. If you do not wear spectacles or contact lenses and are noticing changes, an eye examination will determine any eye strain that you may be experiencing, and our optometrists can provide solutions to alleviate discomfort.

To organise your eye tests in Sydney CBD, come and visit Lifestyle Optical. We have an optometrist on-site at The Galeries and Chifley Plaza, and even though an appointment is encouraged to ensure you are seen promptly and at the time that best suits you, patients without an appointment are always welcome.


Digital Eye Strain

Many of us are working around and looking at computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other digital screens every day. These devices are infinitely useful, but they can lead to blurred vision, sore eyes, headaches, eye fatigue, and other uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as digital eye strain.

If you’re looking for relief from digital eye strain in the Sydney CBD, come and visit our optometrists on-site at Chifley Plaza or The Galeries. You can also learn more about digital eye strain here.


We offer bulk-billed eye examinations for all consultations that are claimable from Medicare.


For your convenience, we have a HICAPS terminal which allows us to process your claims from your health fund.

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