If you’re thinking of heading to the capital city of New South Wales.  you’re in luck. Sydney is absolutely stunning with its culture, food, parades and diverse events. But it seems like Sydney already knew your plans as they are dozens of events currently running throughout the month of April. Apart from the electrifying museums and theatres, Sydney puts on seasonal events that will entertain you.  Here are some of the many events Sydney is currently hosting.


Movie buffs get ready for the French Film Festival,

Bonjoiur Sydney!!

Movies are showing at The Palace Cinemas all over Sydney and the Palace Central is offering cheese tasting, canapés and a free glass of wine before some of the screenings. Now that’s French elegance in Sydney Cinemas.   See Palace Cinemas.com.au for special offers.


 Charlie and the chocolate factory

This show is an absolute delight.  Follow Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Joe as they explore the magic of the chocolate factory and enjoy the great songs, drama and of course the chocolatey goodness all throughout Roald Dahl’s tale. Showing from February through June this year at The Capitol Theatre in the center of Sydney.


Dinner and Magic

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy a delicious dinner and have a magic show as the dessert? Well, we would and it’s all available in Sydney. Engage in an Intimate evening of Magic with friends and family at La Fortuna Cabaret, at the Magician’s Cabaret, 91 Riley St Darlinghurst, Sydney


Sydney is undoubtedly beautiful, but these events just added color to its tapestry. You don’t want to miss out on them, book your tickets now.