The current environment with the Covid-19 virus and it’s strains requires contact lens wearers to be vigilant with these safe contact lens practises.

Hand Hygiene is the most important step regardless of which contact lenses you use, dailies, fortnightlies, monthlies or rigid contacts.

Wash hands with soap (not sanitiser) and dry with a clean lint free towel or paper towel. Avoid lenses coming into contact with water at all times.

If storing lenses overnight, use fresh solution each time and discard used solution each morning. Check your case for debris and slime at the bottom. Clean case with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and let air dry.  Alternatively rinse case with fresh solution and let air dry.

Check solution expiry date, and only keep opened for 4 weeks.

Make sure you use a disinfecting contact lens solution and not just saline. Examples of this are Optifree, Renu, Complete and Aosept.

When wearing lenses check 3 things:       1. Vision      2.Comfort    3.Ocular appearance   If even one factor is not quite right, call the pracice and speak with an Optometrist or come in.

By following this guide you will get the full benefit of contact lenses: clearer vision, greater peripheral vision, no side distortion, enhanced colour vision and freedom from frames on your face.

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