Is Your Road Vision Clear?

Clear Road Vision Saves Lives

Thanks to Karl Benz for inventing the first car, cutting long commute hours into minutes. But, the evolution of fast and efficient cars has brought road safety as a major concern.

What’s the most important sense among five human senses while driving?

Clearly, the foremost is the sense of SIGHT, which makes good road vision the critical element for safe driving habits. If you’ve been convincing yourself to ignore minor blurred vision, think again. A loss in concentration for a even a sew seconds can cause serious injury.

Now while most of the time, driving conditions might be in your favour, poor road conditions like heavy rain, fog, driving at dusk, or glare from oncoming vehicle headlights can exacerbate the effects of poor vision.

So what  should you do to enhance road  vision?

Here’s the solution for clear vision on the roads: specialized lenses prescribed by expert optometrists at Lifestyle and Boutique Optical. These special lenses come in various forms and are designed to help you according to your specific requirements. For night driving ,these lenses come with a 12% amber filter to improve contrast and finer optics to enhance distance clarity in the dark. You can wear these during the day too but for day driving we have a specific brown tint to cut down on glare from the beaming sun and optics that don’t cancel text on windscreens on cars that have a heads up feature.

Poor vision on the road causes stress resulting in an increase in at fault accidents.

Avoid Stress and Risk of Accidents

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