May is Macular Month

Yet again we are reminded of this debilitating eye disease that can strike one or both eyes and leave you partially blind.

Macula Degeneration affects central vision which if compromised impacts your performance in life activities  by reducing visual comfort on digital devices, reducing your reading speed, and hindering face recognition, driving and watching TV.

Risk factors include:

Family History



Excessive UV exposure

Poor Diet


The GOOD  NEWS is that we can take measures to reduce the risks  and impact.

5 steps to minimise the risk of  developing  Macular Degeneration.

  1. Regular eye checks, at least every 2 years. If detected early we can start lifestyle changes and treatment to slow it’s progression.
  2. Eat low glycaemic index carbohydrates
  3. Eat fish 3 times a week, salmon, tuna and sardines are good examples
  4. Protect eyes from UV and blue light with clear lenses and sunglasses
  5. Eat dark green leafy vegetables, ½ cup of cooked Kale or Spinach every day.
  6. Other foods include peas, cos lettuce, almonds, oysters, brazil nuts, cashews, pumkin, broccoli and rice bran.


TO celebrate Macular Degeneration week please send your favourite recipe  using any of the above ingredients and we can share them in the next newsletter as a Lifestyle Optical Macular Degeneration Cook Book. Don’t forget a photo of your creation.