Latest Sunglasses

Maui Jim and Tom Ford have both released some exceptional new models which are already in-store and ready for you to take home for the summer season. Prescription sunglasses available and are still in time for Christmas delivery.

Latest Lens Technology

Hoya has released a new multifocal to cater for the digital user in this modern world. The new lens gives wider computer and reading areas without compromising distance vision. It reduces peripheral distortion for clearer and more comfortable vision while a wearer moves and allows for easier and quicker adaption to a new pair of glasses especially when the prescription has increased. This lens is by far the best multifocal lens Hoya has developed and will suit many lifestyles. Hoya also introduced a new anti- bacterial coating for their premium lenses which reduces bacterial growth by 99%. The coating comes as a bundle and includes anti- glare, UV control, and an anti-scratch treatment. The coating comes with a 2 year warranty against maunfacturing defects.

Perhaps the most innovative lens released in 2021 is the new Polarised Transition in Grey. This lens has dynamic polarisation so it is clear and non-polarised indoors and becomes extra dark and polarised outdoors to defy glare. The lenses darken in the car with more efficiency than any other transition lens. If you are one of the 85% of people sensitive to glare,these lenses will reduce your discomfort both indoors and outdoors.