Kids and Myopia

In the past few months, most of us (adults and kids) have been working, learning and preoccupying ourselves at home.  We are spending a lot more time with near work. This is especially a big shift in environment for our kids.

Spending more time with close work, including electronic hand-held devices, computer games and reading, puts our kids at a higher risk of developing myopia (or short-sightedness).

Kids who are short-sighted can be managed with glasses and contact lenses.

These days with a world full of technology, our kids are becoming short-sighted earlier than before, with their eyeballs growing quickly.

Their eye health needs to be monitored regularly as they are at a higher risk of eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Signs to look out for myopia include:

  1. Board becoming blurry or hard to see.
  2. Moving close to TV
  3. Reduced performance at school
  4. Complaints of headaches
  5. Tired eyes
  6. Squinting or screwing eyes up.

If your kids are complaining or you notice more than 1 of these signs in your kids’ visual behaviour, book your kids in for an eyetest!

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