Comprehensive routine eye examinations at Lifestyle Optical involve measuring distance and reading vision, checking the eye pressure and retina, scanning for UV damage and cataracts in the anterior eye, assessing lumps and bumps on the ey lids and skin around the eyes and assessing the tear volume and quality.  All this is done in 30 minutes.

What’s significant is NOT the readings on the day but the CHANGE in findings between the last visit and often the visit before that and even before that.

The PATTERN of CHANGE alerts our Optometrists to investigate whether the changes are part of a normal age related provess or due to eye strain development OR indicate eye disease whereby early intervention can prevent future permanent vision loss.

The solution to changes in results can be as simple as upgrading a prescription and introducing a new generation lens like a computer multifocal, or poalrised sunglasses or transition lenses with front and back UV coatings OR monitoring changes with more frequent visits to ensure the affected area doesn’t progress to serious disease.

Access to past records is crucial to providing an accurate diagnosis which can also be a precursor to systemic disease like adult onset Diabetes, Hypertension and Thyroidism.

For this reason we are continuing our recall to eye exam process during lockdown to prompt you to make an appointment as soon as restrictions are eased.

Remember that if you are in PAIN do not wait, call us to speak with an Optometrist who will have access to your records.  This service is free during lockdown to ensure comfortable, safe vision while working from home for all our patients.