Before you start using a multitude of drops to cure your itchy and sore hayfever eyes , come and see our optometrists for a comprehensive allergic eye assessment.

We have many solutions to help you and the wrong drops can do more damage than good.

Symtoms of seasonal hayfever include:

Itchy sore eyes,

Blurred vision,

Puffy eyes,

Bags under the eyes,

Scratchy eyes,

Contact lens discomfort.


A couple of tips:

Cold eye masks  will allerviate symtoms without the side effects and cost of  chemicals.

Warm compresses and lid scrubs will increase the immune system of the eye to help attack the  allergens causing the problems.

Wear sunglasses outdoors to stop the  offending pollen  reaching the eyes.

Contact lens wearers should use eyewashes with sterile saline after contact lens removal  to remove pollen caught under the lenses.

Antihistamine eyedrops used sparingly.

Book in to see us for a bulk billed consultion to diagnose and treat those annoying Spring pink and itchy eyes.