Winter has lower UV radiation and reduced glare levels, but don’t let these seasonal lows trick you.

The need for sunglasses while driving, running, watching a spectator sport, working outdoors or just enjoying a BBQ or picnic is still important to protect your eyes from dangerous UV radiation and improve clarity by reducing glare.

Winter allows you to choose SMALLER frames as the sun is out less.  You can put those large wrap around sunglasses away until late spring and choose a more tailored pair that matches your face shape.

Remember if you have a round face choose angular shapes like square and rectangular.  Rectangular face shapes should choose frames with a strong browline and softer lines like round or oval. Heart shaped faces look good in retro cats eye sunnies to balance the narrowness of the jawline. Finally oval faces can wear wear any sunglass shape  so go all out with the latest styles in store.

High cheek bones need special fitting nose pads to create air space between the lens and face to avoid fogging. Many of our sunglasses are already fitted with these and often your favourite sunnie can be ordered with a  special nose bridge.

In winter we wear darker clothes so choose a darker frame to match your outfits.

With the exception of skiing, winter activities in the sun require LIGHTER TINTS or GRADUATED TINTS.

Perfect colours for winter are the Maui Jim Rose and Brown tints, both of which improve contrast and prevent eyestrain by relaxing muscles even after many hours in the sun, and the G-15 (Ray-Ban green).

Remember you can jazz them up with miorrored coatings which don’t provide any more protection but will make you look fabulous!